Did Kawasaki Botch The New KLR Release?

Poor Kawasaki. Never has the online motorcycle community been so harsh on a manufacturer for their release of an upgraded bike. But why?

Well, it all started with a teaser shot of the bottom of what looked like a new adventure bike; off-road tires and a skid plate. To be released in November. What could it be? Everyone was getting excited about a new adv bike! Would it rival the African Twin? How about the new Yamaha T7? Online speculation was running wild. Then to put salt on the wound, the release date was pushed back to January. Many speculated because the brand new bike was not quite ready to be released. It must be very special!

Then the big letdown. JUST an updated KLR. WTF? How dare Kawasaki tease the crap out of us just to release a mildly upgraded old school bike? Bike sites and forums were on fire with hate! Here was Kawasaki, all excited about their new bike, but the online bike enthusiasts were ripping them a new one.

What did they do wrong? Well, if you are a KLR rider (and there are thousands of them), it was great news! Fuel Injection! Doohicky fixed. Plus quite a long list of upgrades. New and very improved. What's not to like?

Was it really Kawasaki's fault or was it more us riders craving something new and exciting. Was this covid crap getting to us? Was it because most of us are suffering from PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)? I'm thinking it's a bit of all of the above, especially since we ride because of the freedom it brings us. Winter, lock downs, restricted travel, etc. have hampered our freedom and it's taking a toll on us.

 Or, Kawasaki just botched the release. Too much teasing and not enough gratification.

What do you think?

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