The Motorcycle Battery Deception

motorcycle battery

“I have no idea why it won’t start. Battery should be good. It was working fine last weekend.”

“Uh-hu”. She replies, not sounding too impressed. Here we are on the side of the road with a bike that won’t fire. Our first 2-up ride of the season is not going too well.

 The snow has finally left, the roads are dry, you toss your battery in your bike, fire it up and off you go. Spring is here and the riding season has begun!

 A couple weeks pass and you’re ready for another great ride. You hit the magic button  and… nothing. No life. No lights, Battery is dead. What the?  I left it on the trickle charger all winter too. How can that be?

 Except it’s not dead. After fiddling with it, (cursing, cause you just want to go for a ride). You test it and it shows lots of voltage. What could it be?

 The battery connections are loose. You didn’t tighten them up enough. You thought you did, BUT, you were lured in with… a screwdriver.

 “But I cranked on those screws pretty good with my trusty Philips.” I’m sure you thought you did. Unless you really reef on it, you don’t really get those connections tight enough.

And it’s not your fault. The battery manufacturers use bolts with the star grooved in the top of them. Much easier to just grab a Phillips and tighten the BOLTS (not screws).

 Now, grab your SMALL (not the 1 footer) ratchet and the appropriate socket (or small wench) and see how much more those 2 little screws (bolts)  turn when tightening. Now they are snug.

 Hopefully you will snug these up before finding yourself on the side of the road, bike no start, significant other standing over you, arms crossed, questioning your mechanical ability.

(A little loctite helps too)


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